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Ayesha Casely-Hayford: Voice artist

Ayesha Casely-Hayford: Voice artist

Wandsworth Radio

03 March
A young black woman in a radio studio with a big microphone in front of her face.

On 2nd March 2018, Wandsworth Radio welcomed Afro Archives as part of its launch of “Female Friday”. It was the beginning of Afro Archives on Air You can read the transcript here and have a listen too “Female Friday”: is now on every Friday at Afro Archives is scheduled at 3pm to 4pm I […]

Thomas Pocklington Trust

16 May
Ayesha Casely-hayford Thomas Pocklington Trust

Ayesha Casely-Hayford | Voice Artist blog “Thomas Pocklington Trust offers people who are blind or have sight loss the support they require to lead an independent life, based on their individual requirements”. Where do I start with never taking for granted the privilege of health? We don’t know how blessed and fortunate we are until we […]

Voice Over: Poetry from “The Book of Eve”

07 December
Voice over for poetry book: The Book of Eve by Melanie E Haggins: Ayesha Casely-Hayford: Lovely.

Melanie Haggins’s beautiful collection of poems in an anthology called “The Book of Eve” has just been launched. “The Book of Eve is neither male nor female, rather a poetic revelation of one’s exploration of life. A quest for knowledge, wisdom, truths and understanding, Eve takes us on a heartfelt journey of discoveries, fears, needs […]

Voice: “Zombies, Run!”

27 March
Zombies, Run!

Mobile phone game: Zombies, Run! feat. me as the voice of Charlie Todhunter “Get Fit. Escape Zombies. Become a Hero” “Check out “Zombies, Run!” the mobile phone game perfect for anyone interested in keeping fit with a zombie twist… Co-created with awardwinning novelist Naomi Alderman, ‘Zombies, Run” is an ultra immersive running game and audio […]