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Snow Queen

17 October

Tickets for Snow Queen

Snow Queen is my Christmas theatre gig.

It really is coming. Christmas. In the Western world this winter holiday, is a real mix of emotions. A time of remembering lost loved ones, and a time of wishing some loved ones were lost. Not to mention a lot of expenditure (perceived pressure).

Snow Queen…What’s It About?

Snow Queen is about the journey of a young girl called Gerda, who will be played by me! After being restricted and told that “the time for playing is over” by an overly protective parent Gerda finds strength and courage to be herself again, to find fun, lightness and also fearlessness by travelling magically through the seasons to find her best friend Cei who has been lured to the ice palace by The Snow Queen. It’s an old, old, tale written by Hans Christian Anderson, adapted for our purposes by Charles Way. Set in London, it’s about what we want it to be about, today. For me, it’s all girl power, growing pains, love, kindness and silly happenings. With heavy sprinkles of theatrical wonder.

Something New

It’s something new for me to be part of, and therefore at the heart of, a truly Christmasy extravaganza. The Snow Queen is just that. A traditional fairytale, often put on at Christmas, for all the family. A real feel good, uplifting, good vs evil, moral vibe. I feel…really good about it. After Earnest, I’ve got a taste for audience participation and also really giving back, making whoever comes to see us the centre and driving force of a show. Snow Queen, I hope, is going to be more of that, on an even bigger scale.

The other something new in all of this is Esmonde Cole (playing Cei) and I, not being the traditional blue eyed blond haired central characters that you would see in the front of the books and film adaptations for this story. The story is a Danish fairytale after all. It’s a brilliant thing to be bringing a new life and new cultural perspective to it – whenever we do this, we make stories more inclusive and, we hope, more accessible.

The Park

We’ll be at The Park Theatre, in the main space. Performing during the day and evenings, which means we’ll have all kinds of audiences from school kids to adults; everyone is invited to join our magical world.

The Park opened in 2013. It is an amazing place and one of the most exciting theatres I have performed in so far. Along with a competition for Stroud Green Primary School to make art work inspired by the show, it is also one of the cutest.

Julie Clare with Stroud Productions for The Snow Queen at The Park Theatre
Stroud Primary School Being Awesome

A totally incredible show to be part of and an exceptional life experience.

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