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Farewell Finchley Bring on Brixton and Jesus Rocks

22 October
Moving - Finchley to Brixton - here we go!

This weekend I’ve crossed the river and moved from Finchley to Brixton – North to South London. It’s a bit different…compared to the quiet greenlands of Finchley,  Brixton is buzzing and on the edge of being nuts. It’s exciting. I’m not quite settled but everything seems pretty much on my doorstep. In the middle of […]

“That’s the fastest my feet ever moved!”

21 September
Ballet and tap by Ayesha Casely-Hayford

It’s been a bitsy “what’s happening now?” week.  Our short film “Silent Disco” unfortunately didn’t make the shortlist for the Virgin Media Shorts and I had some auditions cancelled due to re-scheduled filming dates. On more active news, the new school term at Morley College has started so my tap and ballet lessons begin again.  […]