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2nd June 2015

05 June

Ayesha Casely-Hayford | actress blog

Tuesday 2nd June! The ACT FOR CHANGE Project had its 2nd event – this time even bigger than before – we were at The National Theatre – sold out, star-studded.

A massive amount of passion and energy filled the theatre. At times so emotional, particularly as Jenny Sealey of Graeae (a theatre company “challenging preconceptions and boldly placing disabled artists centre stage”) spoke of the disabled artist’s fight not just to be on stage, but to exist.

Where do we go from here...unsure! But continuing to get together and shine a spotlight on what is not working certainly feels like a strong start. Exposing the lack of diversity in the performing arts industry, showing the wish for society to be better reflected on our screens and on the stage, it’s important work. The state of our art goes to the heart of the health of our nation.

A wish, an aim: everyone to have a fair opportunity of achieving excellence in their chosen career.

Working to remove unlawful discrimination from the workplace – it’s the work I was doing as a solicitor and I’m happy to be continuing fighting this fight within the performance industry as an actress – go forwards.

Ayesha Casely-Hayford | actress blog

Act For Change

Act For Change


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