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Also By Mail

01 December

Also by Mail is a play by Olumide Popoola (writer/poet/performer).

“…a modern family comedy-drama that follows the experiences of Nigerian-German siblings Funke and Wale, who fly [from Germany] to Nigeria to bury their deceased father and find themselves amidst turbulent funeral preparations. Eventually Wale returns to Germany, upset about his experience in Nigeria, only to become caught in a racial profiling case. The lack of support from his late father becomes even more biting and Wale’s disappointment for lost opportunities grows. Funke meanwhile struggles with a sudden disease – but an extraordinary intervention brings an unexpected manner of reconciliation not only to her, but to the family at large” The play can be purchased on-line.

It is a play about family, identity and religion. It is also about love, loyalty and learning to trust.

I played the part of Funke: sister, daughter, niece. Funke is strong-willed, intelligent, a risk-taker and a teaser. Place a girl like that in a traditional African environment and it equals fireworks – I loved playing this part.

The director of the play was Oluwatoyin Odunsi (producer/cultural activist). It’s the first time I’ve been part of a production with predominately black actors and actresses. It was a brilliant experience. We laughed and bonded over the stereotypical and African cultural truths that the play picks-up on. interwoven into the story of the play are the sounds of African drumming and we had two experienced drummers with us at the performance to bring that aspect of the play to life. For me, that was a shooting star feature of the evening.

The play, which we put on at The Hat Factory in Luton, is at rehearsed reading stage. We got great feedback and Olumide is now busy developing it further, getting the play ready for the grand international tour plans that Oluwatoyin has for it.

As the original cast we all are obviously hoping that we will be considered for a part when it gets to tour stage so we can be “Also By Mail” performing across the world. Regardless of what happens, we really enjoyed ourselves. Some pics here:

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