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Bethnals: My London Uniform

25 July

I was born in London, Battersea.

Before moving to Kent I went to nursery and primary school in Soho where we celebrated every nationality and every religion in the world. I love my city  – full of diversity and originality – everyone can belong here. Being a model for Bethnals, a jeans brand with the tagline “My London Uniform” is the perfect fit.  In the shoot, the company wanted to show how EVERYONE can express themselves and feel individual in their jeans. Individual expression is exactly what London means to me. Having a London uniform means be yourself. 

I’ve met lovely, gorgeous people through Bethnals and I’ve worn the most comfortable jeans of my life. The brand specialises in making unisex jeans with a great stretch material. I’ve always found finding good jeans that really and truly fit my body shape a struggle –  I’ve got thighs! Search over. Bethnals is a winner. I’ve got a nice pair of Bethnals arriving in time for autumn.

Check out their great short video here:

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