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Face to Face Festival 2015

01 July

When I look at you face to face and share my stories, it confirms I am not alone.

I have been creating solo shows since I left drama school in 2012. Going to a relatively unknown drama school, without accreditation (and which has since shut down), has given me wings of opportunity. The syllabus was our own. The challenges and opportunities were there to take – or ignore.

My teachers at drama school were exceptionally experienced, varied and all wacky. Colin Watkeys and Claire Dowie being no exception and now, since birds of a feather flock together, they are now dear friends.  Under their direction and inspiration a festival of solo theatre has been blossoming and blooming in and around london for the past three years. We began at the Lost Theatre in Vauxhall and have this year moved to The White Bear in Kennington. The performers are diverse, the stories they will share are beyond what you can expect because they come from within, surprising the artist herself. They are born of self. All that is inside comes out without any addition or mask. A direct story of which the audience is part. Why is the audience part? Because there is nowhere for the solo performer to go. Nowhere to hide, the only direction is out and with. How the story is delivered and what happens in the show depends on the audience and how the audience feels and receives. Honest theatre. Always on the edge and like life, it lives and then dies. Never to be the same again.

So Face to Face Festival enters its fourth year and I am delighted to be a part of it as a performer and assisting Colin  – hoping to carry on the Face to Face Festival of solo theatre for years to come.

If you’re free, come down to the White Bear and go solo with us! We would love to have you there, the audience makes the show.

Finally, a big thank you to my drama school teachers for opening doors and leading me to happy! 

Face to Face Festival 2015

Face to Face Festival 2015

Face to Face Festival 2015

Face to Face Festival 2015

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