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Film: “The Last Kill”

14 April

2014 started, I blinked and the next minute I knew I was shooting my first full-length feature film. 

 Just before I got the audition I had a dream about shooting a film (love it). The dream was lonely and a bit cold and when I woke up the first thing I said to myself was CONFIDENCE Ayesha, CONFIDENCE. So for the audition and when I got this job and got on set – I just went for it. 

 The film is called “The Last Kill”. It is a psychological thriller. The protagonist is Max, an ex-service man returning to civilian life and struggling. Attacked without reason by youths and observing activities of these youths that disturb him, Max uses the only means he knows to achieve “justice” – cue brutal violence and murder scenes. My character is part of the sub-story – Max trying to re-unite with his daughter, Zara. As Zara I am happily married with a 7-year old son and no interest in the return of my 20-year absent father. But…matters of the heart beat to their own tune. Unfortunately a softening decision to open up to my father does not go quite as planned…with all sorts of twists and turns, I’m excited about the film and I think it is going to be a great watch.

 The writer/director is Anthony Oldham (Tony), who with his wife Sherween Oldham owns production company “Blackstone Valentine”. The Last Kill is their fictional film debut, their previous experience being commercial documentaries. Tony kept the production team in the family and recruited his university pal Carl Michael as Director Of Photography (“DOP”). Carl is so cool and watching these guys work together is brilliant, they just flow. Add to that sound man George and Sherween producing and we were ready to go! It is the smallest crew I’ve ever worked with and IT WORKED. Considering this is a full length 90 minute feature film, It’s so impressive.

 My husband in the film is played by a fantastic actor, brilliant guy and natural-born entertainer Badr Luqman, my first on-screen hubby – I lucked out. 

My father, Max, is played by experienced actor Chris Dunne. We went method, kept our distance and hardly spoke (since our characters are completely estranged from each other). That was fun in its own way and it was an honour to work with Chris.

My son is played by young Lucas Oldham, the son of Tony and Sherween. We had a brilliant time together and I would have stolen him if I was into that kind of criminal behaviour…

There are over 10 other actors in the film that I’ve never met as I don’t have any scenes with them, so I’m looking forward to seeing it all coming together once the film’s done. 

So, equipped with my premonition-strengthened confidence, we shot my scenes over three weeks. With such a small crew I was given lots of trust to consider continuation, my character outfits and the energy I was bringing to the scene. Live first!

The film is being submitted to film festivals, but in the meantime…


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