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23 November

It has been a week of progress.

I’ve been busy with theatre, film, voiceover work and auditions. What has been on my mind though is the topic of equality. At my Equity Branch meeting last month we were discussing the Bechdel test: representation of women in film. You can read more here but essentially this has made me think deeper about the films I love and wonder whether the same could not have been achieved with more women playing those lead parts! I think it is an easy comment to make “put a woman there instead” and actually the responsibility lies with us, the women to write those parts for women and then fight the good fight to get our work made. The next level is considerations of representation of ethnic minorities on stage and film and it is all about getting our voices to be heard, our creativity, our imagination.

I’ve therefore been very proud to be working with Sandra Thompson-Quartey, founder of Writer’s Avenue and Writer’s Film in her production at The Soho Theatre “The Gossip” and then with Oluwatoyin Odunsi and Olumide Popoola (writer/poet/novelist) on Olumide’s  first play “Also By Mail” at The Hat Factory. Being part of their voice, giving me a place to be heard.

As I share exciting news about myself I’m also proud to share news about my brother, Kwesi. He is a football coach and just getting his own football academy set up helping underprivileged kids in Hackney. Check out the picture on this blog of him in action.

Noting the lack of women but excited to watch the film and so wanting to share, here is the latest trailer of Steve McQueen’s new film “12 Years A Slave” featuring Kenyan actress and film-maker Lupita N’yong’o (hardly featured in this trailer – BAD!!) due to hit UK cinemas in January 2014:

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