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“Adult Child/Dead Child” by Claire Dowie

31 May

On Monday 6th October 2014 at The LOST Theatre in Vauxhall…

I’ll be performing Adult Child/Dead Child by Claire Dowie with six other artists including Claire Dowie herself, Deidre Strath, Lola Kotey, Martin Stuart and Tania Rodrigues. As its title suggests, this play is intense. But it’s also full of strength and lightness. Adult Child/Dead Child (AC/DC) is a play by writer, director, stand-up comedienne and theatre practitioner Claire Dowie. It’s the story of a child who creates an imaginary friend to deal with a situation of lack of love that surrounds. Claire has not performed AC/DC for nearly 30 years. It is a solo theatre piece, one performer only. However, inspired by director Colin Watkeys, we are re-visiting it as an experiment by performing it with seven people, six voices, making-up one.

The play itself is outstanding. It is performed internationally by women and men and it is written so honestly that people do not believe that it is NOT autobiographical. By performing a solo theatre piece  – one character’s story  – through seven voices of different ages, gender, cultural and racial backgrounds, a further beautiful message has been born in this piece. All of our voices are united by telling one story, the voices support each other by telling their part of the character’s life experiences. One story can still be communicated and shared regardless of the magnitude of the differences between us. In life we think we are different from each other but at the base level of it all, we are the same. 

The piece was first performed on Thursday 10th July and our next performance will be part of the Face to Face Festival of Solo Theatre  on 6th October 2014.

“The audience are an essential element of solo theatre. They are the other character in the drama and important for shaping the future of solo work. This is an opportunity to be part of the genesis of new work.”

More info and details for buying tickets here.

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