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Afro Archives Episode Nine

07 November

Afro Archives Episode Nine: What Do You Do After You’ve Washed Your Hair?

What Do You Do After You’ve Washed Your Hair?

Shrinking hair, flexible hair, shiny, soft, fresh, bouncy – leave-in conditioner, no conditioner, blow-dry or shake it and go. Such variety among the actors in Afro Archives Episode Nine as we describe what we do after we’ve wash our hair.

Afro Archives, A Performer's World

“After I wash my hair? Nightmare!”

Washing hair is a personal experience. What is very clear, is that there is absolutely no homogeneity. A common misconception of afro-textured hair is that, it is universal and similar. This is not true – we are not all the same! Throwing the voices of the actors with afro-textured hair into the mix and comparing with voices of a variety of hair-type owners, as happens in Afro Archives Episode Nine, shows this. The individual voices demonstrate that we are each unique.

People do different things with their hair depending on their lifestyles (swimmers, gym goers), and childhood experiences (perhaps negative). There are no single answers in hair management, it comes down to preference, hair type, and styling choices.

It’s really important to embrace being individual and unique in order to understand what you need for living healthily and happily. No one can do being the best you, than you

Afro Archives, A Performer's World

“I shouldn’t feel I can’t be beautiful without my afro out.”

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Play Episode Nine here, entertained in Part 1 by dynamic duo Alice Fofana and Verona Rose:

Afro Archives, A Performer's World

Verona Rose


Afro Archives, A Performer's World

Alice Fofana

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