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Don’t Mind My Hair

10 August
“Don’t Mind My Hair”
Would you cut your hair in order to get a job?
Afro Archives A Performer's World Episode 11

Afro Archives A Performer’s World Episode 11

In Afro Archives “A Performer’s World” I asked actors a very specific question “Would you shave off all your hair for a
Afro Archives Don't Mind My Hair

Afro Archives Don’t Mind My Hair


When I asked this question to actors, it got mixed responses. However, asking an actor, is one thing. Out of the acting world, it becomes something more sinister. This is what happened in the Chastity Jones case, which I introduced in some earlier Afro Archives On Air episodes. In consequence of being asked to cut her hair, Ms Jones said no, and brought a case of race discrimination to the courts. At the moment, the case has been unsuccessful but there is a new petition under way. “Don’t Mind My Hair” is about the latest movement on the case. 

Amy Leon

In my Afro Archives On Air podcasts, my guests pick the playlist. One choice, by my Bakita Kasadha, was Better by Amy Leon. It deserves endless sharing.

The Podcast

You can listen to the podcast or have a read. The Chastity Jones case happened in the United States of America and is a decision on the connection between black women’s hair and their race. The control of black women’s hair matters because it does connect to our race, we therefore all need to make sure we pay attention and when you need to, shout it loud and clear: Don’t Mind My Hair. It’s mine. Back Off. 

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