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Afro Archives Episode Seven

24 October

Does Your Hair Affect Preparing Character Parts For Auditions?

Until now, the women have dominated Afro Archives, we have a lot to say!

This topic of preparing character parts was no exception: “You don’t have an office worker with afro hair” is a theme running throughout. In Afro Archives episode 7 the men give us their views and experiences. It is a reminder of how much love, prep and care goes into men’s hairstyling.

David Beckham, and Garry Bale are hairstyle style icons and actor Tobias Deacon shares a character he has created with Beckham and Bale as inspiration. Hair is a big part of his character’s image and lifestyle.

Actor Andrew Macbean opens the conversation to include facial hair. The choices, and options, “I am forever growing a beard, shaving it off, shaving a bit of it off…” Actor Linden Walcott-Burton says “if you have an afro, or if you have canerow or dreads…then you will be seen more for race-specific roles rather than general roles.” The cultural issues of men with afro-textured hair comes forward as an interesting comparison and uniting theme. Linden’s voice is evidence of the stereotypes that exist and hamper those with afro-textured hair. This reality cannot be denied.

Afro Archives, A Performer's World

Tobias Deacon

Afro Archives, A Performer's World

Andrew Macbean

Afro Archives Episode Seven has really good discussions about image and hair. There are expectations. It also reminds us that for men just as much as for women, there are complications as well as a plethora of choice.

Afro Archives, A Performer's World

Linden Walcott-Burton

Next on Afro Archives:

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Africa_Fashion_Hair Extensions


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