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Afro Archives Episode Three

25 March

Afro Archives Episode Three: What do you love about your hair and being an actor?

In Afro Archives Episode Three I explored things we could celebrate about our hair.  In three parts, we cover afro hair, straight hair, jew fros, braids and extensions.

Afro Archives Episode Three

“The best thing about my hair is that I can change it up whenever I want.”

What Do You Love About Your Hair and Being An Actor?

Afro Archives Episode Three is a celebration of naturalness, and the versatility of hair. Reflections on how hair makes us stand-out, and be original. For those of us with afro-textured hair, how it separates us from other actresses with straight hair. The joy of being different. How remaining natural with our afro hair actually opens up options of what we can do with it. Personally, I have for many years thought of my hair as restrictive and frustrating. I’ve had to learn to celebrate it and doing this episode was strengthening.

Nicky Goldie

Nicky Goldie

Within the context of acting roles, versatility is a good thing and all the actors speak about this, whether they have afro-textured hair or not. Actress Nicky Goldie, of European Jewish origin, speaks about not being recognised when her curls are tucked away in costume, that being a chameleon is a sign of a good actor. 

The Maintenance Of Afro-Textured Hair

Actress Anni Domingo hit on an element that gets explored further in the next episodes, the maintenance of afro-textured hair. I grew up in Kent, in a predominately white area, and can relate to Anni’s experience very well. Proximity to an afro hair-dressers affects how we work and hair style choices. Anni keeps her afro hair short and offers one of the reasons as being that where she lives, there are no black hairdressers.

Afro Archives A Performer's World

Anni Domingo: Photo credit Stuart Mcclymont

This is a difference and absolutely fact: in certain areas of our country, there are less afro hairdressers. A line starts to be drawn across our variant hair divides affecting our experiences of fitting in, feeling at home, and being able to go about our day-to-day lives. 





Press Play! Celebrating Hair:


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Afro Archives A Performer's World

“The best thing about my hair is that it’s different, and it makes me remember that I’m different.”

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