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Afro Archives Episode Two

26 February

Afro Archives Episode Two: “What Things Do People Say About Your Hair?”

My hair looks like a Brillo pad?!!!

Afro Archives Episode Two is a bit of bonding over the horrors of the experience of having other people comment on our hair. There is no question that the Afro-Caribbean woman has been the victim of verbal abuse and absolute nonsense, when it comes to other people’s comments on her hair.  The comparative treatment of living in a European culturally dominated country and having hair that is so different to the majority that it almost makes you a toy, worst case scenario, a freak show.

Afro Archives Episode Two

“Your Hair’s long for a black girl!”


Afro Hair And Drawing Attention

Afro-textured hair draws attention and it can make us the victim of what feels like abuse and has historically resulted in oppression – women hiding their hair as a legal requirement. True story! Check out actress Martina Laird on Part 1 of Afro Archives Episode Two (below) for a full account of the madness. After looking at personal relationships to hair in Episode One, and whether it represents who we are, Afro Archives Episode Two places us within the context of Britain and how we are seen to the outside.

Working In A Visual Art

As actors, we are restricted when it comes to our hair. Working in a visual art means that what we look like, matters. This gives validation to what others think about our hair, and therefore what they think about us. That can be good, it can also be bad. At its worse it could even amount to racial discrimination if those from a different race would not be treated the same way or would not be so negatively affected by comparison. 

“It doesn’t mean I’m trying to make a statement just because my hair isn’t the same as yours”

“Does your hair grow? What does it feel like? Can I touch it?” 

“You always want what you can’t have”

Press play and see if you’ve had these experiences too – what things do people say about your hair?!

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In the company of friends. Some of the Afro Archives Voices featured on this episode:

Afro Archives Episode Two

Peter Warnock

Afro Archives Episode Two

Martina Laird







Afro Archives, A Performer's World

“Hair has an influence in your life, and in society.”


Afro Archives Episode Two

“I wanted to be able to flick my hair, that to me was beautiful.”

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