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16 August

Family – when it goes right, it’s amazing.

I had family visiting from Ghana this weekend. My cousin and his kids and my brother came over too. Party at my house! We made homemade pizzas, ate sweet ginger cake and lots of ice cream.

The week then went on to be quite heavy as far as acting is concerned. I went to The Drayton Arms Theatre in South Kensington (pay what you can Tuesdays – lovely) and saw a very good by intense play about an estranged father who after suffering a stroke is reunited with the gay son he had rejected 20 years previously. A workshop with a casting director required preparing a character of a wife of an army soldier returned home without limbs from Afghanistan and not many inspiring casting opportunities presented themselves as the world is still busy in Edinburgh.

So…having a weekend of pure play with the family, endless eating, nonsense in the park and loads of excitable screaming and shouting was a perfect balance. Still got my Happy Feet:


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