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Know Before You Judge

19 November

A Time To Speak – Hugh Wyld’s project to get people talking about HIV and AIDS – had its first theatre stage appearance on 8th October 2014. We performed at the LOST Theatre to a wonderful audience who we hope left inspired and talking about what they had seen.

A group of us wrote and performed work we had created on Hugh’s request and inspiration to bring HIV and AIDS into present day dialogue – to remind everyone that this virus is still part of our lives, that it affects us all.

Soon after our performance UKIP leader Nigel Farage proclaimed that people with HIV should not be allowed into the UK. Never was this project to raise awareness of HIV more needed. The charity we are affiliated with, Positive East, responded immediately to Forage’s ignorant, despicable and unforgivable viewpoint. It is clear that education is lacking on this subject not to mention human empathy and compassion. I am so happy to be part of this project and looking forward to going further and further, louder and louder, to more and more places. We are next performing at Positive East headquarters in East London in December 2014. Being divided as a species has never made us strong – progress and peace comes from unity. We must open dialogues on difficult issues so that we can understand each other – so that we can respect each other and then stand together inclusive of our differences.

Clips and chats about the performances at LOST are below and tickets for the launch on 4th December 6.30pm at Positive East can be purchased here –  come and get talking with us:

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