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After “Adam’s eve”

15 November

Does it matter how I got there? Or is just the fact I got there all that’s relevant?!

We performed Simon David’s “Adam’s eve” to a full house. We put the play on and we’ve received three stars in our first review by Samantha Chamberlaine writing for The Upcoming. I feel like the arrival at this point is success. Ben Wilmott writing for God Is In The TV has also given us a lush review that we are happy with. 

In Simon’s play, Imogen’s character experiences a trauma and the whole of the second act is her dealing with and recovering from what happened. This is when –  in the second act – the characters get their dimensions. It’s the same in life. In trauma and pain we see how and who we are and it is how we deal with what happens that gives colour to our lives and depth to our character. Zen master Shunryu Suzuki: “Hell is not punishment, it’s training”.

And so the drama continues! I’m back with “Adult Child Dead Child”. We are going to Brighton  – a very small and intimate venue, Upstairs at Three and Ten. I’m excited about performing in this space. Small and intimate is just right for AC/DC – to bring our solo theatre to life, the closer we are to the audience the better. From Brighton we are back to London starting 2015 at The White Bear – another intimate venue. Theatre experience brings energy and engagement that film and TV can’t because we are people in a shared room, a shared space, experiencing together. We want connection, we want engagement. I love solo theatre for its direct pursuit.

After is therefore now and all that matters is being present.

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