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Pod Time

09 September

 The Stage newspaper is “the weekly for the entertainment industry”. I’ve been in love with it since I was little after stumbling across a copy in a newsagent in Strood, Kent  – of all places! That was a great discovery of a newspaper made just for me, full of things that I care about and am interested in.

 This week it was a special edition of The Stage as it launches its new on-line casting service “The Stage Castings”. It’s exciting because it provides further opportunities for actors to create a profile and apply for jobs. The unique element of The Stage Castings is the ability to upload self-audition tapes and send them directly. I have friends who have got jobs off the back of their self-audition tapes and so for that reason at the moment my view of self-audition tapes is a positive one. However, I have not had to do any myself yet…

 As part of its special casting edition, The Stage organised a roundtable discussion on the topic of casting, which I took part in (see my “Stage Day” blog). Hopefully providing a forum for debate on the topic of casting, have a listen to the energetically entertaining podcast here:

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