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My Soul

14 September

Do we sell our souls every day to social media? Or can it be a healthy way to share and be alive?

Steven Berkoff (actor, director, playwright and author) recently said “Facebook and Twitter are like a horrible digital plague” but his new play “Religion and Anarchy” at the Jermyn Street Theatre will be shared, tweeted about and promoted using social media and it will benefit from the technological platform.

The phenomena of social media that has arrived in our existence can be stressful as we work out what to sign-up to (is anyone actively using Stumble Upon?!!). We also need to consider our privacy settings, what we actually want to share and then try to keep up with posts. It’s important to remember that we are not machine, we are blood, bones and soul! This week I went to watch “A Boy and His Soul” – a solo show by Coleman Domingo that he has been performing since 2005 and, which he has brought to London for the first time. Through the soul music of his childhood that he reconnected with on finding old vinyls in his parent’s basement – Coleman introduces his audience to his family and tells the story of his coming out as gay (black man in 1970s Philadelphia – amazing). Coleman is a dancer and his movement on stage is gorgeous – I love solo theatre because of the intimacy and Coleman gives his whole heart. The tag line for the performance is “Keep the Records, Keep your Soul” – so let’s do that – as we ride and surf the social media craziness – get a song in your heart and keep your soul. Surely then we can’t go wrong and hopefully we will also keep sane…

After seeing Coleman’s show, I’ve been getting lost in my soul music so here’s some sounds from a soul sister suprema – Aretha Franklin – Never Grow Old:

Ayesha Casely-Hayford : Coleman Domingo "A Boy And His Soul"

Coleman Domingo “A Boy And His Soul”

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