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Herstory: “Rebecca, Arabna & Connie” by Ayesha Casely-Hayford

20 July

Rebecca, Arabna & Connie  – three voices I look forwarding to sharing on 6th August at Theatre N16 in Balham performing my solo work for the first time this year.

“Rebecca, Arabna & Connie” or “We Dance, We Work, We Sing” is my solo theatre creation developed at The Face to Face Festival with Colin Watkeys looking at the lives of three women in Ghana. It is still no more than 20 minutes long, I’ve not made it a priority this year. It began as one voice, when I first created it in 2014, and then by 2015 grew to three. When I performed it last year at The White Bear Theatre in Kennington, I was with others who have now developed their shows further. Some have performed already quite a bit this year, have appeared on TV and are heading up to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival. I do feel gutted that I’m not with them. But another chance to perform, share, and get feedback at N16 is awesome. 

This time, I’m part of a festival called “Herstory”, which is a feminist theatre festival. The festival is curated by actress, producer & director Nastazja Somers, who is currently literary manager at Theatre N16. I’m one of many pieces of work, covering a mass of ideas and viewpoints:

Herstory: Feminist Theatre Festival

“2016. Over 50 years ago Gloria Steinem began to change the world by speaking about women’s rights, fighting for equality and speaking her mind. But despite Steinem impacting the feminist movement and accomplishing so much the fight is still present.


What are the issues that women of the XXI century face on a day to day basis?


Why is abortion still a taboo subject?


Why are we taken aback when we hear a woman saying “I don’t want to have children”? Why are women so constantly objectified?


And finally have things really changed since Miss Steinem led the women’s liberation movement back in the 60’s and 70s?


Those are just few of the hundreds of questions that come to mind when one talks about equality and contemporary feminism. HERSTORY a feminist festival aims to bring those questions to the stage by creating a platform for political discussion and giving a voice to women”


Being part of the Herstory Festival, no matter how it goes down, is a thing of empowerment. Doing what I love thanks to the support of others. Rebecca, Arabna & Connie are women’s voices from Ghana sharing about their own choices within their world, a world limited by circumstance and their sex. Truth. 

More info and tickets here. Come and be inspired. If you missed it – a review by Michael Davis for Female Arts, right here.

Ayesha Casely-Hayford: HerStory Festival


Herstory: N16

Herstory: N16

Herstory: N16Herstory: N16

Herstory: N16






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