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Short film: “Mama’s Boy”

07 February

“Mama’s Boy” is a ThreadHouse Production. It is a story written by Jane Lowe (who also produced the film). The director was Zohaib Ali. I featured me as the girlfriend, “Tanesha”. The film is an urban drama about a young guy, Michael, stuck in a depressing life cycle of violence and gang culture, trying to break out but unable to do so without drastic consequences.

The film is not in public release as it is a UCA (University for The Creative Arts – Maidstone) student venture but here are some stills that I’m able to share:

Short Film: Mama's Boy featuring Ayesha Casely-Hayford as Tanesha

Short Film: Mama’s Boy

Short film: Mama's Boy |written by Jane Lowe and directed by Zohaib Ali|produced by Threadhouse Productions |featuring Ayesha Casely-Hayford as Tanesha
Short film: Mama’s Boy

Short film: "Mama's Boy"

Short film: “Mama’s Boy”



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