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Short Film: Silence

27 March

Short film feat. me as Nana

Written and directed by Junior Agyeman Owusu featuring me as Nana, a young doctor born in Ghana but living in London to carry out her medical training.

The film is “a story about honour, control, love, inner conflict, passion and destiny. A film that depicts the state of many relationship in modern society shining light on the hopelessness and blindness that so many face. The exploration of Violence, Equality and Change and how  inseparable they all are.”

This was my first lead role in a film. we shot over three days with a little rehearsal beforehand. Without much to compare it to, I think it went really smoothly! We kept to the timetable set and everyone was lovely. I was well fed, the director was happy with me and the icing on the cake was my on-screen boyfriend telling me that he can’t believe how lovely I am in contrast to the B*tch character I was playing as our relationship slowly broke down – ha! ha! Little does he know…

The hardest parts were probably the end scenes where I get slapped around a little. Next time I want to film the start of the relationship, not the end!

The film is being circulated around film festivals so not available for public release for a while but you can have a sneak preview, the trailer is here:



Silence – Short Film Trailer from Junior Agyeman Owusu on Vimeo.

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