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Short film: “Cracks”

27 March

Short Film feat. me as Nicola

May 2013 saw the premier of my first short film: “Cracks” written and directed by actress Vee Vimolmal:

The film is about two sisters, Jaye and Robyn “Jaye is struggling to come to terms with her sister’s death. Overcome by loss, guilt and frustration over the lack of support from the police in bringing her sister’s killer to justice, she ends up taking matters into her own hands.”

Although a pretty depressing film, this was a fun shoot. It was fun because the actresses I was working with were hilarious and we laughed the entire time basically. We were outside for all our scenes therefore at the mercy of passing clouds. A five minute shot took hours as we had to wait for the clouds to clear so we could catch the right light for consistency between takes – the laughter saved the day.

I played a council estate teen, Nicola. I love playing these characters. I find it very freeing. I also like wearing gold-hooped earrings and standing around a backyard in Essex – I am actually being serious about that.

Take a look at some behind the scene shots here:

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