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From solo work to seduction

27 October

Eve, the evil tempter, the reason for man’s expulsion from the garden of Eden.

Misunderstood and vilified  – I’ve been given a chance to present a brighter side of the Adam and Eve story in a play called “Adam’s eve” by Simon David. This play is quirky and quite complicated but it has positivity as far as Eve is concerned. I’m happy about that! 

Inspired by Adam and Eve this play takes us inside modern relationships. There are no great conclusions or specific messages, but it’s a chance to experience and look at complex relationships – how they work, why they work, why some of them fail…

My cast members are so lovely and so talented, we are loving bringing this play to life. We have an incredible musician Karin Fransson, weaving music throughout the play. Simon David’s writing is original and a whole new challenge. Adam might fall but Eve is going for grace this time around.

Come and see for yourself at The Drayton Arms in South Kensington  – two nights only – 2nd and 3rd November, make your own mind up about it all and have a…drink with me afterwards. Tickets here!


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