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Student film: Finding Some Peace

27 March

Student film: “Finding Some Peace” feat. me as Fara.

This was my first student film and second short film. Written and directed by Nevra Topcu of Westminster University, ‘Finding Some Peace” is a simple story of a young girl who is disillusioned by life but remembers her upbringing in the muslim faith, which she has stopped practicing. She turns to her religion to find some peace. However, her peace gets disrupted and the film comments on how people get tied up in concerns that have nothing to do with the essence of the religion. 

I found working with Nevra and her team brilliant. They were organised and knew all the shots they wanted. I just had to listen and deliver. They kept to the times they set and paid me for my time too. I was fed and watered, complimented constantly – whatever they are teaching the students at Westminster University about “how to deal with actors”  – they made me feel great. It was a really good day. A lucky further introduction to filming for me!

Take a look at the full feature here:


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