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“That’s the fastest my feet ever moved!”

21 September

It’s been a bitsy “what’s happening now?” week. 

Our short film “Silent Disco” unfortunately didn’t make the shortlist for the Virgin Media Shorts and I had some auditions cancelled due to re-scheduled filming dates. On more active news, the new school term at Morley College has started so my tap and ballet lessons begin again. 

I also watched two biopics this week – The first was Ron Howard’s Rush: a fast and intense telling of Formula One rivals Nikki Lauda and James Hunt. The second (thanks to iplayer) was Milos Forman’s adaptation of Peter Shaffer’s play “Amadeus”, which dramatises the relationship between composers Antonio Sallieri and Mozart. As portrayed in these films, these amazing individuals are not upstanding citizens or particularly nice. They are amazing because their dedication and focus on what came naturally to them was incredible. They were able to show the world their skill, talent, genius and strength.  

I’ll be tippity tap tapping again on Monday and as I prepare and practice my dance steps for class, I pay much respect to some of the focused dedicated awesome ones of the tap world – Shirley Temple and Bill Bojangles Robinson! 

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