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Whose London?

30 December

In November at The Southwark Playhouse we performed our play about the changes happening in Brixton London “Where Will We Live?

The Southwark Playhouse  is a lovely theatre venue in Elephant and Castle. There are two theatre spaces, “The Large” and “The Little”. We were in The Little, feeling large because with just over one hundred seats, every performance was sold out. We shared our play with many.

We opened the show to an audience of community, the heart of Brixton. From the go, we had laughter, clapping, shouts and interaction, we loved it. It brought all our characters to life times one hundred because we were recognised, we belonged. With the drumming and the music filling up the space, it was something else.

As the performances went on and the audiences changed, there was no getting away from the reality of the stories. After the shows, we had discussions with people about their experiences with evictions and local businesses, communities disappearing. Past and present  – it was all real. There was a great sense of togetherness, whose London? OUR LONDON.

Our next stop is Camden, logically, at the Camden People’s Theatre as part of the “Whose London is it Anyway?” festival. We’re performing for two nights double-billed with two other shows, “This is Private Property” (Friday 15th January) and “Essay on Reality” (Saturday 16th January).

As a londoner, this is an obviously natural play for me to be part of. Fill another space with the changing face, whose London? MINE.

Ayesha Casely-Hayford

Ayesha Casely-Hayford "Where Will We Live?"

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Ayesha Casely-Hayford

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