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New Project!

01 January

For the last few months I’ve been setting up a new project and finally it’s here…Afro Archives  – exploring the experience of women with afro type hair

With Afro Archives‬ I’m talking to EVERYONE, no gender barrier, no race no culture barrier – open discussions on hair and being in the performing world to look at our experiences and connections to hair and identity. Afros for all! To understand ourselves we have to understand others, right?

Have a look at our episodes, one a month through 2016, every last Friday of the month – different topics, ideas & views. 

The first episode for January 2016 is “True or false? Your Hair Represents Who You Are.” Have a look here and to keep following or even better, get involved and share your own comments and hair experiences, subscribe to the Afro Archives YouTube Channel.

Amazing Hair, Talks! #AfroArchives

Episode One:


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