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Amidst the whirrly burly – take time to eat cake

14 June

Beginning a career as an actress is terrifying.

The networking, self-promoting, skill development, consideration of next steps, pursuing and exploring opportunities, decision-making, decision re-considering…each week there is something more. Amid the whirrly burly of all the things to do this week, I celebrated my goddaughter Amelia’s first birthday. The party fell on the sunniest day of the week and in a word, it was splendid.

I have carried the happiness of the splendid day with me as I’ve gone about my business tasks and it has sparked nostalgic reflections on childhood family times. My parents filled our house with music when I was growing up and one band we as a family loved is UB40. This song in particular is close to my heart and childhood memories. I share this classic 80s video with you today along with a picture of some very yummy birthday cake.  

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