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Back to Basics

21 June

The best place to start, is with nothingness.

A Masterclass session at The Haymarket Theatre this week with Abi Morgan (playwright and screenwriter: Sex Traffic; The Iron Lady; Shame; Brick Lane) reminded me that the best place to start is with nothingness  – (a) because she said it (!) and (b) because she gave this message by her humble presence. Despite the success she has reached, Abi has an energy and playful nature that is inspiringly beautiful to be close to. 

In reaching the point of “I know nothing” I go back to basics. I want to be close to early sensations that opened my mind to colours, smells and warm sounds. 

Following this train of thought my memory took me to Paul and Linda McCartney’s “Seaside Woman” and with the awesomeness of YouTube – here it is for all to enjoy! I would love to write more, but knowing nothing, there is nothing more to say.

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