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Afro Archives Episode Two

26 February
fro Archives A Performer's World

Afro Archives Episode Two: “What Things Do People Say About Your Hair?” My hair looks like a Brillo pad?!!! Afro Archives Episode Two is a bit of bonding over the horrors of the experience of having other people comment on our hair. There is no question that the Afro-Caribbean woman has been the victim of verbal abuse […]

Afro Archives Episode One

01 February
Afro Archives A Performer's World By Ayesha Casely-Hayford

Twelve Episodes of Actors Chatting Hair – different topics, ideas & views.  Episode One: True or False? Your Hair Represents Who You Are Our hair. We are born with it, and there is absolutely nothing we can do to change our natural hair texture. In an article dated 24th January 2014 “The Changing Business of […]

Afro Archives | About

01 February

Hair is a surprisingly powerful thing. It can delight us. Empower us. Completely and utterly frustrate us. It can tell others what to think of us, without saying a word. Due to the endless possibilities of hair, and the politics, Afro Archives was born.  The Afro Archives project is about heritage and identity within UK society. It […]

New Project!

01 January
Afro Archives

For the last few months I’ve been setting up a new project and finally it’s here…Afro Archives  – exploring the experience of women with afro type hair With ‪Afro Archives‬ I’m talking to EVERYONE, no gender barrier, no race no culture barrier – open discussions on hair and being in the performing world to look […]