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Stage Day

12 July

What a day.

I’ve been part of a round-table discussion on casting led by John Byrne (Careers Advisor at The Stage: the Entertainment Industry’s leading newspaper). Along with four other actors of varying experience we shared thoughts and knowledge about what really happens on the ground in trying to make a living in the acting world. The discussion is going to be converted to a podcast and reported in a special casting edition of The Stage – so more to follow on that shortly!

Conclusions? Much has changed. It’s all about being socially present and sometimes, unfortunately, you’ve got to pay before you get to play. Investing in my business (that is me) making the all important contacts via agents or directly with casting directors in any way possible can seem a confusing web of a million zillion possible avenues all with uncertain outcome. However essentially it’s all good. We were there together to tell our tales to encourage and inspire. We laughed a lot and of course there was a customary jazz hands moments and lots of hugs and biscuit eating. New friends made, love shared – actors are so cool.

Being out and about is great but then there is all this social media follow-up that needs to be done when you get home. Important but exhausting. Reminded of its beauty by a friend, in these moments the tender music from Amelie never fails to calm me and keep me moving onwards:

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