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Trying to Make Sense of It All

05 July

Friendship is a funny thang.

A lesson learnt over years of having great fun and great falls is that friendships need just as much love, care and time as romantic relationships.

This week I  saw Rosie Wilby (comedian, musician, writer, broadcaster) perform at The Lost Theatre as part of the “Face to Face Festival” run by Colin Watkeys. She played one of my teenage-heart-songs “Crucify” by Tori Amos as her opening track. Her performance was called “Nineties Woman (Matrix reloaded)” (referencing “Matrix” from the Latin use of the word to describe a womb as opposed to the film…) and with a theme of friendships, Rosie shared her university experience as a feminist, analysed her friendships, crushes, dashed expectations and anxiety of feeling an outsider.  I love the intimacy and nakedness of solo performance and this was a beautiful example of how special and connecting such work can be. It made me reflect on the friendships I have in my life.

Later on in the week I had a girls’ night-out with a secondary school friend. As we danced and laughed at memories of our under 18’s club nights (too hot to handle!) I felt the love of a good friendship surviving the test of time – it don’t all gotta be teenage angst.

Rosie Wilby is also hilarious. Sharing some of the laughs right here:

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