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Looking into the soul from theatre around the world

17 May

What an amazing week. London how I love you. 

Last week I began a theatre mega-mix starting with seeing One Man Two Guvnors for £3 (thanks to my finger-on-the-pulse friend Maria Serrador). This classic comedy needs little review from me and I’m very glad to have had the opportunity to see it.

From there, the only way was up. The Globe invited The Marjanishvili Theatre Company from Georgia to perform As You Like It. The performance was in Georgian a beautiful language spoken only by Georgia’s inhabitants of just under 5 million people. What a treat to be carried away by Shakespeare with music, dance, perfectly timed comedy moments and an alternative presentation with autumnal leaves live on stage being whisked and sprayed around elegantly and dramatically by umbrellas.

Next it was a trip to The Riverside Studios to see Mies Julie performed by The Baxter Theatre Centre at the University of Cape Town in association with the South African State Theatre. I think I would have shaved my hair off in depression if I had missed this play. The depths the actors plunged, the sharing of their souls, the sounds of South African voices, their songs, movement – this is the theatre I live to see.

From England, to Georgia, to South Africa and finally I finished in Italy. My Italian housemate and fellow actor George introduced me to “Musica Nuda” – a duo made up of vocals from Petra Magoni and double bass by Ferruccio Spinetti. I cannot put how I feel about Musica Nuda into words so, eccola – I invite you to experience the duo for yourself:

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