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Ultimate Duels of Death

24 May
Lunge attack!

  I dream of one day dueling to the death, for honour, for valour… Last night I attended an incredibly inspiring Masterclass session hosted by Equity registered fight director Philip D’Orleans. Needless to say, my fighting urges were fueled further but I also learnt much about the creative genius that lies behind making stage combat […]

Voice: “Zombies, Run!”

27 March
Zombies, Run!

Mobile phone game: Zombies, Run! feat. me as the voice of Charlie Todhunter “Get Fit. Escape Zombies. Become a Hero” “Check out “Zombies, Run!” the mobile phone game perfect for anyone interested in keeping fit with a zombie twist… Co-created with awardwinning novelist Naomi Alderman, ‘Zombies, Run” is an ultra immersive running game and audio […]

Short film: “Cracks”

27 March

Short Film feat. me as Nicola May 2013 saw the premier of my first short film: “Cracks” written and directed by actress Vee Vimolmal: The film is about two sisters, Jaye and Robyn “Jaye is struggling to come to terms with her sister’s death. Overcome by loss, guilt and frustration over the lack of […]