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Ah oui, a French film…

07 June
Me and mummy

Well, actually Belgian…this week my mama and I saw “Our Children” directed by Joachim Lafosse. You know this from the start of the film so it is not spoiling it to say – the film tells of a mother who kills her four children. Inspired by a true event but in no way a story […]

Climbing up sometimes feels like falling down

31 May
I Am London Historic England

This week it has felt that not much has happened but on reflection much has. Feelings of crumbling nothingness are actually building blocks reaching to the stars. With that clarification I share some Nina Simone as a reminder of keeping life in perspective and going with the flow – happiness is a state of mind, […]

Ultimate Duels of Death

24 May
Lunge attack!

  I dream of one day dueling to the death, for honour, for valour… Last night I attended an incredibly inspiring Masterclass session hosted by Equity registered fight director Philip D’Orleans. Needless to say, my fighting urges were fueled further but I also learnt much about the creative genius that lies behind making stage combat […]

Student film: Finding Some Peace

27 March

Student film: “Finding Some Peace” feat. me as Fara. This was my first student film and second short film. Written and directed by Nevra Topcu of Westminster University, ‘Finding Some Peace” is a simple story of a young girl who is disillusioned by life but remembers her upbringing in the muslim faith, which she has […]

Voice: “Zombies, Run!”

27 March
Zombies, Run!

Mobile phone game: Zombies, Run! feat. me as the voice of Charlie Todhunter “Get Fit. Escape Zombies. Become a Hero” “Check out “Zombies, Run!” the mobile phone game perfect for anyone interested in keeping fit with a zombie twist… Co-created with awardwinning novelist Naomi Alderman, ‘Zombies, Run” is an ultra immersive running game and audio […]

Short film: “Cracks”

27 March

Short Film feat. me as Nicola May 2013 saw the premier of my first short film: “Cracks” written and directed by actress Vee Vimolmal: The film is about two sisters, Jaye and Robyn “Jaye is struggling to come to terms with her sister’s death. Overcome by loss, guilt and frustration over the lack of […]